Mapping partnership resources to maximize client’s value

When you need an IT consultant, what you really need is expertise. Given the complexity of modern business processes and the ever-growing array of possible tech solutions, no one consultancy can hold all of the deep expertise you need for optimal results in-house. That’s where partner ecosystems come into play.

The quality of a consultancy’s partner ecosystem has a huge impact on the consulting process — and can make or break the final outcome. In this article, Jocelyn Yu, Partnership Manager at Cloud Interactive, shares what she knows about creating and maintaining a high-value partner ecosystem.

What is a partner…

How to manage people for better team chemistry

Written by Ben Kuo, Project Manager at Cloud Interactive

When people see the term PM, they typically think of a Project Manager or Product Manager. Although both are correct, PM, for me, is more of a People Manager.

No matter what kind of projects you’re managing, the “people factor” is usually the most important factor that the PM needs to handle. If the PM has a few tricks up his sleeve for managing the client and the team, it will make the project a lot smoother. …

Should I become a programmer, systems analyst, or project manager?

Finding the right career path is a unique journey for all of us. Joanne Lin, a systems analyst (SA) at Cloud Interactive, started her career as a programmer before becoming an SA eight years ago.

“I wanted to become a software developer while I was studying for my bachelor’s degree in computer science. I was so attracted to JavaScript,” she remembers. But sometimes, opportunity comes when you least expect it. While working as a programmer at one of the largest privately-owned banks in Taiwan, she got the chance to transition to an SA role within the company.

“It seemed like…

Business process transformation consulting for Panasonic Global

In today’s world, global economic and political conditions can significantly impact your business’s bottom line — no matter where in the world you’re based. Companies worldwide increasingly rely on global strategies to succeed. Expert business process consulting plays a vital role in the development of such strategies.

Successful global strategies focus on finding ways to integrate business processes across regions and build unified global platforms to streamline multinational logistics management. To efficiently and effectively incorporate global regions within the value chain and corporate structure, companies must develop strategic systems for managing their multinational accounts and operations.

In this article, Eva…

Written by Dominic Caudell, Director of Business Solutions at Cloud Interactive

Speaking from experience, the difference between a 10x developer and a 1x developer doesn’t come down to talent and experience nearly so much as you might have been led to believe.

In fact, productivity skyrockets and your average developers become rock stars when you use this one simple trick!

Are you ready for it?!

— > Make it interesting. < —

That’s the trick. Seriously.

Why do younger developers bust-ass and older developers go get into management? Because when you’re green, everything is new and interesting. But as you get older, it so often starts to look the same. Capture the inspiration of a developer and it…

Why and how can Taiwan serve as your hub in Asia?

As globalization makes the business world ever smaller, it’s increasingly critical for companies to have worldwide external resources to stay competitive. Over the past decade, Asia’s accelerated economic growth and stability have become compelling reasons to shortlist the region when assessing globalization opportunities.

This article will explain what makes Asia such an attractive location for business and why Taiwan has unique potential as a regional business hub.

Why do business in Asia?

Asia is the world’s largest regional economy, and its power is expected to grow. In 2019 McKinsey suggested that companies worldwide should…

Investing in innovation for a new digital era of retail

Betty Chang, our project execution manager, has years of experience managing e-commerce and retail software projects. Here, she describes an Online-to-Offline-to-Online (O2O2O) strategy that follows a staged digital transformation journey in retail. She offers Carrefour’s case as an example of how a well-formed O2O2O plan can help established retail businesses survive in the competitive new digital era.

What are O2O and O2O2O?

O2O is an abbreviation for Offline-to-Online strategy, which describes a situation where a business directs its physical store customers to its online store. Sometimes O2O can also refer to an Online-to-Offline strategy. …

Improving the user experience in physical stores with App Clips

Carrefour’s new App Clips allow users to download a smaller version of its app to do a specific task.

Recently, Cloud Interactive helped Carrefour — the French multinational retail giant — add Apple’s App Clips into its e-commerce app. Apple introduced App Clips with iOS 14 in September 2020 to enhance both the in-store and in-person user experience for iOS apps. App Clips let users quickly access and experience what an app has to offer.

For this article, we interviewed the Cloud Interactive executive team about collaborating with Carrefour on app development. We also asked them to share their suggestions for retailers who plan to develop App Clips in their iOS apps.

What are App Clips, and how do they work?

App Clips are small parts of apps…

The ultimate guide to get into digital product design

At Cloud Interactive, our designers design more than products. They also help design our company’s culture by inspiring and educating colleagues and clients on the importance of design and great user experiences. In this article, Kay Wang, Senior UX/UI Designer at Cloud Interactive, shares her tactics for fostering design deep within our company’s culture, keeping people excited, and contributing to our clients’ business growth.

Kay is the Senior UX/UI designer at Cloud Interactive with over 8 years of design industry experience.

How a graphic designer becomes a successful UX/UI designer

“I moved from graphic design to UX/UI design because I’m excited about the possibilities of where tech can take us and what we may be able to create in the near future,” Kay says. Early in…

The Benefits and Limitations of Using Flutter for Your Next Mobile Project

This month, Cloud Interactive interviewed our IT Director Sean Lin for our Industry Insights feature. Mobile apps are among today’s most powerful business tools. Here, Sean shares his thoughts on the state of mobile app development and explains why he thinks Flutter has the power to revolutionize this part of the industry. We hope you’ll enjoy getting a glimpse into Sean’s passion for and dedication to software development.

Sean is the Director of Engineering at Cloud Interactive with over 10 year experiences in software industry

What makes Flutter the future of mobile app development?

Developing multiple mobile apps for multiple platforms requires more time and more specialists — and therefore costs more. …

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